Iran-Turkey Coop. Key to Mideast Puzzles

Iran-Turkey Coop. Key to Mideast Puzzles
Iran-Turkey Coop. Key to Mideast Puzzles

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Tehran-Ankara cooperation can prove beneficial for solving the Middle East puzzles.

In a phone conversation with First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri, Davutoglu said development of relations with Iran is a top priority for Turkey, IRNA reported.

Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) won the parliamentary elections on Sunday and regained the majority it had lost in the June election.

Pointing to growing relations between the two countries since the rise of the AK Party to power in 2002, the prime minister said, "In the next four years, while the AKP will continue to take hold of the government, I hope to witness further development of relations between Iran and Turkey."

He voiced Turkey's readiness to boost ties by taking strides toward increased cooperation.

Jahangiri congratulated Davutoglu on successfully holding the elections, saying, "Conducting such an election is a sign of the people's political maturity and the presence of democracy."

The Iranian first vice president said while Iran has had friendly relations with the AKP government in the past 14 years, it wants to take measures to cultivate ties, especially in political and economic fields.

Iran and Turkey have been pursuing widening of ties in the last two decades. Iran is a main energy supplier to Turkey and Ankara has made huge investments in Tehran.

Referring to the difficult situation in the region, Jahangiri said the two countries should collaborate to combat terrorism and settle the underlying causes of the regional problems.

"We must use our capacity to solve the crises in Syria and Iraq," he said.