Velayati: Military Buildup Complicates Syria Crisis

Velayati: Military Buildup Complicates Syria CrisisVelayati: Military Buildup Complicates Syria Crisis

The military buildup in Syria would not improve the situation and only makes it more complex, a senior official said.

Ali Akbar Velayati, who is also a senior advisor to the Leader of Islamic Revolution, said on Tuesday that in view of the five-year-old conflict, Iran and many other countries have reached the conclusion that Syria's problem has no military solution, IRNA reported.

Iran has boosted the number of milit ary advisers it has sent to Syria to help defeat militants, while Russia started its air campaign against insurgents in Syria on September 30, both upon the request of the Damascus government.

In the meantime, the US and Saudi Arabia recently agreed to increase support to what they call "moderate opposition", which some believe are terrorists.

Referring to political efforts made so far to solve the crisis, Velayati said the joint statement of the Vienna talks over the Syrian conflict, held with the participation of top diplomats from 17 countries on October 30, was agreed upon by nearly all participants, which indicates good progress after some players pursued the military approach for five years.

In the joint statement, the participants said they were asking the UN to bring together representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition to launch a political process leading to a credible and inclusive governance, followed by a new constitution and elections.

The senior adviser noted that the only authority entitled to intervene is the UN that can monitor the election to ensure its safe implementation.

"We all must help bring the end of clashes and allow elections to be held in Syria," he said. Velayati, who is also the director of the Center for Strategic Research of the Expediency Council, hoped that unrests in the Middle East would come to an end.

"Although it may take a long time, it's not insolvable. Everything depends on the will of the effective countries. Of course, Iran has showed its desire [to end the crisis]," he said.