More IRGC Officers Martyred in Syria

More IRGC Officers Martyred in Syria More IRGC Officers Martyred in Syria

Two other officers of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps were killed in northern Syria on Tuesday after earlier reports on the martyrdom of an Iranian colonel in the region.

Seyyed Ali Hosseini Alemi from Fatemiyoun Division and Seyyed Sajjad Hosseini from Khordad 15 Artillery Division were killed in the north of Aleppo Governorate while serving as military advisers to the Syrian Army in the battle against militant groups, Fars News Agency reported.

The report on their martyrdom came after an earlier report that Colonel Ezzatollah Soleimani was killed in Aleppo on the same day.

Before his mission in Syria, Colonel Soleimani was commander of the Elite Battalion of Hazrat Bani Hashem Brigade 44 in the city of Shahr-e Kord in western Iran. Two other IRGC members, namely Mostafa Sadrzadeh from Fatemiyoun Division and Seyyed Milad Mostafavi, were killed in Aleppo on October 22 and 23 respectively.

A senior IRGC commander was also killed in clashes in central Syria on October 22.

Lieutenant General Reza Khavari, commander of the Fatemiyoun Division, was martyred in clashes with terrorists in northern parts of Hama Governorate.

Lieutenant General Ramezan Sharif, head of the IRGC Public Relations Department, told Fars News Agency on October 23 that IRGC had recently boosted the number of its advisors in Syria to back government forces in their operations against the insurgents.