End of Terrorism Prerequisite to Syrian Election

End of  Terrorism Prerequisite to Syrian ElectionEnd of  Terrorism Prerequisite to Syrian Election

Iranian Ambassador to Syria Mohammed Reza Sheibani said the prerequisite for holding elections in Syria is the end of clashes, which requires foreign powers to stop interfering in the affairs of Syria and halt their support for terrorist groups.

In an interview with state radio on Monday, Sheibani pointed to Iran's four-point initiative to solve the Syria crisis, saying that the plan, if implemented, will prepare the ground for conducting elections in which Syrians are able to declare their decision, in compliance with the Leader's Sunday remarks on Syria.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said the solution to the lingering crisis is holding an election.

“To this end, all financial and military assistance to opposition groups should be cut off, and fighting and unrest need to come to an end so that the Syrian people are able to elect whoever they favor in a calm and secure climate," he said.

On the current state of the fight against terrorists in Syria, the ambassador said despite being involved in an exhausting four-years-long war, the Syrian Army, backed by Russian air cover, has made considerable achievements near the capital city of Damascus and also in northwestern Aleppo.

Two weeks ago, Syrian forces launched a massive military operation against terrorists in Aleppo, in which they managed to kill scores of militants and retake many territories.

"Although problems persist, I think the course of developments is in favor of the Syrian Army and the resistance front," he said.