1st Vice Speaker: Terrorism Endangers Whole of Asia

1st Vice Speaker: Terrorism Endangers Whole of Asia 1st Vice Speaker: Terrorism Endangers Whole of Asia

A senior lawmaker said terrorism, as the biggest manifestation of extremism, has hit not only West Asia but also East Asia and endangered the whole continent.

Parliament's First Vice Speaker Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard made the statement in the opening session of the First Executive Council and Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly held on Monday in Tehran, ICANA reported.

The APA was formed in 2006 and comprises 41 member parliaments and 17 observers. The assembly lays out a framework of cooperation among Asian countries, pointing out to the vision of Asian integration, the APA official website said.

Aboutorabifard, who chairs the two-day event, acknowledged the presence of delegations from 18 countries, saying that the contribution of all member states to strengthen the APA will help ensure their national interests.

The lawmaker said terrorism is gradually reaching the soil of many APA members and jeopardizing their national security.

"Dealing with the threat of terrorism requires intensifying regional and continental cooperation through APA," he said.

The deputy speaker referred to the Syrian crisis, saying that the escalation of foreign-sponsored violence in Syria, in addition to the humanitarian consequences of the four-year-old conflict that forced thousands of people to emigrate, has caused Iran to seek the cooperation of regional powers and international players to find a political solution and end the sufferings of Syrians.

"All members of the APA should contribute to efforts for establishing peace in Syria, an active member and the previous head of the assembly," he said.

"To this end, territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Syria must be respected, while acting powers should avoid deciding upon the future of the country and let Syrians make their own choice."

The deputy speaker stressed that before it is too late, some regional states should put aside their desires and help Syria, instead of setting a group against the other to fuel chaos and unrest.

Aboutorabifard said if possible, members can discuss ways to deal with terrorism and other crises of Asia in the general assembly, help stop harmful competitions and promote dialogue to find a political solution.

The participants will prepare draft documents for the upcoming APA General Assembly in Cambodia.