US Should Modify Approach Toward Iran

US Should Modify Approach Toward IranUS Should Modify Approach Toward Iran

A senior Iranian official said the US should modify its approach toward Iran, if it wants Iranians not to chant "death to America" in the streets.

Secretary of Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei made the statement in a press conference on Thursday, IRNA reported.

"The only things Iranians associate the US with is coups, suppressions, wars and sanctions, which began about 80 years ago," he said.

"Why did the US stage the coup against the [democratically-elected] government of Iran [in 1953]? Why did the US support the suppression of the 1963 demonstrations in Iran? Why did the US empower Saddam in his eight-year-long war against Iran and even remained quiet about Iraqi chemical bombardments? Why did they impose sanctions against us for so many years? ...  So why do they expect Iranians to forget about shouting 'death to America'?" he said.

Rezaei stressed that if the US wants anything to change, it should fundamentally revise its policy toward Iran.

Pointing to the chronic violence in the Middle East, he said that in the last 15 years, about one million people have been killed, two million have been injured and 20 million displaced.

The official said the US policies show that they do not have any problem with this turmoil and even want it to continue, which is a dangerous stance.

"The US-led coalition formed in September 2014 did nothing notable against IS, but as soon as Russia went into action to fight IS, they said they will expand their military operation," he said.

"Why did you not [step up military actions] in the past one and a half year? This means you are involved in efforts to intensify insecurities."

  Monitoring JCPOA

Speaking about the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, reached by Iran and six world powers in July over Iran's nuclear program, Rezaei said the recent letter of the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to President Hassan Rouhani complements JCPOA's approval by the Majlis and the Supreme National Security Council.

The SNSC conditionally approved the JCPOA and the Majlis drafted a bill outlining conditions for the implementation of the deal by the government, which was finally converted into a legislation on October 13.

Then, in a letter to Rouhani, the Leader raised some points to be considered by the government while implementing the pact.

"The SNSC enactment, Majlis legislation and the Leader's letter are three documents, based on which the JCPOA will be implemented and monitored," he said.