Larijani: Only Syrians Can Decide Their Country's Fate

Larijani: Only Syrians Can Decide Their Country's FateLarijani: Only Syrians Can Decide Their Country's Fate

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said only Syrians have the right to decide on the future of Syria's ruling system and this cannot happen unless terrorists are eliminated.

In an interview with ICANA, Larijani said, "Unfortunately, some regional countries pushed Syria into an armed conflict four years ago and created difficulties for the Syrian people."

The conflict has left 250,000 people dead and forced half the country’s population, or 11 million people, from their homes.

But in the current situation, Larijani said regional states understand that Syria's crisis should better be solved through political solutions, which has resulted in the creation of new opportunities to end the suffering of Syrians.  "Iran has always backed a political approach toward solving the problem," he said.

Referring to the international peace talks on Syria held in Vienna on Friday, the Majlis speaker said there have been discussions in the Supreme National Security Council about the Iranian solution to end the struggle.

Foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Oman and Iraq attended the meeting along with their deputies, with China being represented only by its deputy foreign minister.

Asked to elaborate on Iran's plan to solve the crisis, Larijani said Iran believes that firstly, decision-making should rest on the people and no foreigner should intervene; secondly, the international law must be observed regarding the problem and nothing should be imposed on Syrians.

"The most important issue is that the problem of terrorism must be tackled, because terrorist could topple any established government. No political solution could survive in a terrorist crisis situation," he said.