Iran Ready to Help Reinforce Lebanon Security

Iran Ready to Help  Reinforce Lebanon Security Iran Ready to Help  Reinforce Lebanon Security

Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan says Iran is ready to provide the military requirements of the Lebanese army.

He made the remarks in a meeting with his Lebanese counterpart Samir Moqbel in Tehran on Saturday.

"Iran is ready to help Lebanon consolidate its national sovereignty and reinforce its security by supplying the requirements of its army," the Fars news agency quoted him as saying.

"Iran (is also ready to) share its experience with Lebanon (to help it) in its campaign against takfiri and terrorist groups," he added.

Dehqan expressed content over Moqbel's visit to Tehran amid such a critical period in the region.

Touching on the cultural, social, and religious similarities between the two nations, the defense minister said Lebanon, which is an independent and stable state and enjoys an important geopolitical position, has a key place in Iran's foreign policy.

"Iran has constantly defended the security, independence, and territorial integrity of Lebanon," he added. The minister praised the "unique" relations between the two states and called for promotion of mutual cooperation in various fields.

The senior official referred to the critical situation in the region and criticized the policies of some foreign countries which are aimed at protecting Israel's security and undermining the resistance "circles around the belligerent regime."

"Different terrorist groups such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have emerged due to these wrong policies and with the financial, intelligence, and military support of the West and some countries in the region."

Dehqan described IS terrorists and the Zionists as "two sides of the same coin" which have targeted the security and stability of Muslim countries through launching onslaughts on innocent civilians, destroying economic infrastructures, and weakening the resistance in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

He reiterated that the only way to deal with the threats posed by terrorists is to make efforts to promote the unity and solidarity among "resistance elements".       

The defense minister hailed the defense put up by the Lebanese and Palestinian nations in the 2006 Lebanon War, the Gaza War in 2008 and 2009, and the recent Gaza conflict.

He said the unity, solidarity, and resistance of the Lebanese and Palestinians is the only means to counter the threats posed by the aggressors and defend their territorial integrity.

  Starting Point for Increased Cooperation  

Moqbel, for his part, said, "We intend to discuss issues of mutual interest during this visit."

"Lebanon is currently in a critical situation and it considers Iran's aid important," the Lebanese defense minister said. Moqbel stated that his country plans to expand relations with Iran in all fields, particularly in the area of defense.

He expressed hope the visit would be a "starting point" for increased bilateral cooperation.

He referred to the Zionists and takfiri terrorist groups as Lebanon's enemies and said the Lebanese nation, from different tribes and groups with various political persuasions, provides all-out support for the army in its fight against the enemies to maintain the security of the country.  The Lebanese official said, "Equipping the Lebanese army with the required and modern arms increases its operational capacity in the battle against takfiri and terrorist groups."

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani also met with the Lebanese defense minister on Sunday.

He said supporting the nation, army, and resistance in Lebanon is high on Iran's foreign policy agenda.      

"In addition to supplying military aid to the Lebanese army, Iran is ready to share its experience to help promote security in Lebanon and in the region and help the fight against terrorist groups," IRNA quoted him as saying.