India Wants Wide-Ranging Ties

India Wants Wide-Ranging TiesIndia Wants Wide-Ranging Ties

The new ambassador of India, Saurabh Kumar, says New Delhi is ready for improved ties with Tehran in various areas, including trade and the campaign against terrorism.  

He made the remark in a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran on Tuesday to submit his credentials, IRNA reported.  Describing the historical relations between Iran and India as a foundation for building wide-ranging cooperation, he referred to the project to develop the Port of Chabahar in southeastern Iran as a major area for collaboration.

The port, as a connection point between India and Central Asia, in addition to Afghanistan, is of high importance to India, he said, calling on Indian private firms to invest in the development of the Chabahar Free Zone.

Rouhani said the geographical proximity of the two countries, being connected by the Indian Ocean, and Middle East crises are factors which necessitate broader relations.

"[Cooperation on] the Port of Chabahar as a strategic trade route will help boost economic ties with India," Rouhani said.

Pointing to ports and railroads, industries and energy as potential fields of cooperation, Rouhani called for increased efforts to exploit the capacities to benefit the two peoples.  

New ambassadors of Uzbekistan, the Netherland, Mali, Denmark, Spain, Japan and Sudan also met President Rouhani on Tuesday to present their credentials.