Lawmaker Hails Yemenis' Resistance

Lawmaker Hails Yemenis' ResistanceLawmaker Hails Yemenis' Resistance

Yemenis through resistance against violent Saudi-led military campaign have drawn the world's attention to the bloodshed in the Arab country, a senior lawmaker says.

Chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi made the remark in a meeting with Naef Ahmad al-Qanis, deputy head of the Yemeni Supreme Revolutionary Council, in Tehran on Sunday, IRNA reported.

Criticizing the international bodies' indifference to Saudi atrocities, Boroujerdi asserted, "Innocent children and defenseless women are slaughtered in Yemen every day due to Saudis' air bombardment of hospitals and schools; nonetheless, the so-called human rights organizations are just playing the role of a passive blind observer, acting as if nothing is happening."

  Surprisingly Discreet

Philippe Bolopion, crisis advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, has said, "The United States, which has provided substantial assistance to the Saudi-led coalition, has been surprisingly discreet on whether a UN mission should be dispatched to investigate crimes in Yemen." 

"This stands in sharp contrast to US support for international inquiries and missions in Syria, North Korea, Libya, Sri Lanka, and Eritrea."  

Boroujerdi said, "Blockading Yemen, Saudis do not allow the Iranian Red Crescent Society to provide services and deliver humanitarian aid to the wounded."

He stressed that the world community, especially Islamic states, need to cooperate to put an end to Saudis' indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets.

Holding the Saudis responsible for the Sept. 24 crush tragedy near Mecca during the Hajj pilgrimage which claimed the lives of over 450 Iranians, the lawmaker noted, "This oppressive regime has already proven its incompetence in organizing the Hajj ritual."

Qanis called on Iranian lawmakers to hold negotiations with parliamentarians of other countries to ensure immediate measures to bring an end to brutal attacks against innocent Yemeni people.