Tide Turning in Favor of Syria Gov’t

Tide Turning in Favor of Syria Gov’t Tide Turning in Favor of Syria Gov’t

Conditions in Syria are gradually changing in favor of the government as a result of Russia's military presence and Iran's support, a parliamentarian says.  

"Iran has increased its military advisers in Syria following the recent field developments in the fight against terrorist groups in the war-ravaged Arab country," Ahmad Shouhani asserted, reiterating that Iran has never sent combat forces to Syria and its support has been limited to provision of military advice, ICANA reported.   

According to the lawmaker, had Iran not played a key role in addressing the conflicts afflicting Syria and Iraq, the situation would not be as satisfactory as it is now because despite initial claims, the US-led coalition proved to have been mobilized to back the Islamic State militant group operating in the Middle East.

Underscoring Russia's role in the anti-terror fight by launching an air campaign against insurgents based on a realistic approach and on a request by the Syrian government, the official said, "Unlike the so-called US-led alliance, Russia has taken practical measures, which explains why Iran has come to endorse it."

  Changing Equations

With respect to recent developments in Syria, Shouhani believes that "military equations" will definitely change over the next few months in the Arab country.

The deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, said in a recent interview with the Guardian that Iran had increased its military advisers in Syria, where it is determined to help defeat terrorism.

Another lawmaker told ICANA, "Russia's analysis in combating terrorist cells in Syria is logical as they know if they do not take action today, they will have to pay a high price to combat extremism in their own country in the near future," a reference to the fact that many insurgents fighting in the Arab country are of Russian origin.  

Vahid Ahmadi stressed that there are other contributing factors to the decision by Moscow to launch surgical strikes on terrorists' positions, the most important of which can be retaliating against western sanctions against Russia over its role in the Ukraine crisis in an attempt to force the Kremlin to change its policy toward the dispute.