Tehran Feels Committed to Backing Iraqi Kurds

Tehran Feels Committed to Backing Iraqi KurdsTehran Feels Committed to Backing Iraqi Kurds

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani says Iran has always felt bound to help Iraqi Kurds and proved its honesty on many occasions.

In a meeting with Iraq' Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Nechervan Barzani in Tehran on Monday, Shamkhani pointed to the grave threat posed by terrorists to regional countries, saying that the top priority in the region should be contributing to efforts against the rising wave of terrorism, ISNA reported.

He denounced "dishonest behavior" of some countries which claim to be fighting terrorism, describing it as a harmful action undermining efforts to eradicate the scourge.

"While US officials were emphasizing their desire to protect Iraqi Kurdistan against the Islamic State [militant group], they did nothing about the IS large-scale offensive against the KRG."

Shamkhani said effective Iranian support for the KRG, amid IS advances which could lead to the fall of Erbil, is a clear proof of Iran's commitment to helping the Kurds.

The SNSC chief described unity among Kurdish political factions as crucial, stressing the need for efforts to prevent the emergence of rifts in Kurdistan's political system.

"Tensions among Kurdish groups could cause a security lapse in Iraqi Kurdistan which would lead to the marginalization of the fight against terrorism."  

Underlining the importance of cooperation between the KRG and the central Iraqi government to safeguard security and address political and economic problems, Shamkhani said a united Iraq can be a unique example of a political structure formed with diverse ethnic and religious groups.

Barzani explained the KRG's approach to establish dialogue among Kurdish factions and also with the central government, noting, "Despite significant problems caused by [the influx of] Iraqi and Syrian refugees, aggravated by the decline in oil prices which has imposed economic difficulties, Iraqi Kurdistan continues to move toward development."