Diplomat: LEU Transfer to Russia in Jan.-Feb.

Diplomat: LEU Transfer to Russia in Jan.-Feb.Diplomat: LEU Transfer to Russia in Jan.-Feb.

The transfer of Iran’s low enriched uranium to Russia may begin as early as next January or February, head of the Russian delegation at the Monday meeting of the Joint Commission on the Iran nuclear deal in Vienna Vladimir Voronkov told reporters on Monday.

Iranian officials have said Iran will swap LEU with raw uranium.

According to Voronkov, who is Russia’s envoy to international organizations in Vienna, all technical aspects have been studied in depth, Russian News Agency TASS reported.

“The main documents on the Fordo [nuclear facility] and uranium have been worked out, the implementation of these measures will begin in late January or early February next year, if there are no surprises,” he said. “As for the documents, I think this is a matter of several weeks.”

“We are fulfilling our part of obligations at a good pace,” the Russian diplomat said. “We managed to reach a very good level of cooperation with Iranians.”

According to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the nuclear deal is officially known, Iran will be allowed to enrich uranium to the purity level of up to 3.67%. The current stockpiles are estimated at about ten tons. To do this, Iran has two options — selling enriched uranium abroad or “diluting” it to the natural level without exporting it.

Iran also pledged to reconfigure the Fordo facility to adapt it for the production of stable isotopes for industrial and medical purposes. Tehran will carry out this work in collaboration with Moscow.