Secure Climate Will Guarantee Sound Elections

Secure Climate Will Guarantee Sound ElectionsSecure Climate Will Guarantee Sound Elections

Whatever problem which may overshadow the reliability of sound elections must be identified and removed so that a secure environment is created for the upcoming parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections, an Interior Ministry official says.

“All managers and executives are expected to cooperate with election officials,” Mohammad Hossein Moqimi, head of the election headquarters, said on Tuesday, stressing that according to the Constitution all state bodies are bound to provide the headquarters with the equipment and human resources it needs.

“None of the election officials are allowed to voice their ideas for or against any of the candidates since the elections ought to be held in an impartial environment.”

Moqimi noted that no campaign can go beyond the law and nobody is allowed to use public funds for electoral purposes as it will definitely cast doubt on the credibility of the votes.

Assuring that all the necessary arrangements will be made for the elections, he expressed hope that there would be a high voter turnout, stressing that all political parties with a license from the Interior Ministry should be supported to be able to conduct their campaigns in a safe environment.

Pointing to the important role of the media in promoting the role and importance of elections, Moqimi added, “Enemies will not stop hatching plots to question the credibility of the forthcoming elections [set for Feb. 26, 2016], which explains why holding great elections is of paramount importance.”