French MP Discusses Anti-Terror Issues

French MP Discusses Anti-Terror Issues French MP Discusses Anti-Terror Issues

A senior French lawmaker says the French Parliament is keen to help foster Tehran-Paris relations.  

Head of the French Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Elizabeth Gigo was speaking during a meeting with Chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi in Tehran on Sunday, ICANA reported.  

Pointing to the considerable common grounds in political, economic and cultural domains, Gigo described her trip along with a delegation to Iran as a clear sign of France's strong desire for improved ties.

She said French companies are willing to invest in Iran's automotive and aviation industries. On regional challenges, she acknowledged Iran's constructive role in helping solve Middle East problems.

"Through adopting a political approach, all regional states should contribute to the elimination of terrorist groups which undermine regional security," the French lawmaker said.

Expressing concern over terrorists' efforts to attract the French youth, she said the French Parliament and government are exploring ways to prevent young people from joining such groups.

  Positive Past

Boroujerdi pointed to the positive historical background of bilateral relations, saying that after the recent conclusion of the nuclear talks with major powers which resulted in an accord, suitable opportunities have opened up for developing ties which should be used.

The legislator stressed the need for intelligence and security cooperation between the two countries in the fight against terrorism.

Describing the growth of terrorism as a global crisis, he said, "Dividing terrorists into good and bad and arming and training them by the US and some regional countries have jeopardized security in the region and the world."

Expressing regret over the ongoing crises in Yemen and Syria, he said, "Intervention by the US and Saudi Arabia in these countries have never helped bring peace and stability, but has added to the suffering of people."

"Holding national dialogue and respecting the Syrian people's decision about their own destiny will be helpful in putting an end to the bloodshed in Syria," Boroujerdi said.