Germany Crucial to Solving ME Problems

Germany Crucial to Solving ME Problems Germany Crucial to Solving ME Problems

Peaceful coexistence is what Iran has always been trying to create in the region, yet being oblivious to this fact, some regional states are still talking about Iran's "bad intentions," the foreign minister says.   

Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remark at a joint press conference after a meeting with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Tehran on Saturday, Fars News Agency reported.

Underlining the "deep" relations between Tehran and Berlin, Zarif said, "Negotiations were held on finding the best strategies to address extremism, drug trafficking and terrorism; moreover, we believe that Germany can play a key role in restoring peace to the region."

According to the top Iranian diplomat, either all regional countries are secure, or none; furthermore, insecurity has never resulted in safety, which explains why Iran has the same security concerns as other regional states "as long as terrorist cells are supported logistically and financially."

On Iran's expectations of Saudi Arabia, Zarif noted, "Terrorism has never and will never solve any problems, even temporarily, and those who cherished such a dream have deep regrets about their wrong decision. We neither are after eliminating Saudi Arabia from the region, nor let it jeopardize our national sovereignty as both will bear no fruit but bloodshed."

  Desire for Increased Coop.

Referring to special political circumstances in Syria, Steinmeier reiterated that Tehran and Berlin have shared interests and the ongoing crisis in Syria can definitely be defused politically.

On the prospect of economic cooperation with Iran, the German diplomat stated, "The two sides have shown great interest in expanding their cooperation and increasing it to a much higher level."

Pointing to a cultural memorandum to be signed in the near future, he said, "There is untapped potential to cooperate in renewable energy sector as well as water management technologies."

With respect to speculations about possible hitches during the implementation of the July nuclear accord between Iran and major powers, Steinmeier noted, "Had we listened to rumors over the past ten years, we would have never accomplished what we have achieved right now. As far as I am concerned, there is no hindrance to the historic deal's implementation."