Deal Unaffected by Missile Test

Deal Unaffected by Missile TestDeal Unaffected by Missile Test

Iranian actions, such as a ballistic missile test conducted last week, will not derail the nuclear agreement with Tehran, US President Barack Obama said Friday.

Iran has violated the UN test ban repeatedly, and the absence of a nuclear deal would not compel Tehran to change behavior, Obama asserted.  

In a news conference at the White House, he vowed to continue to enforce sanctions on the ballistic missile program but stopped short of saying new sanctions would result from the test, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Obama said the US will review any violations of UN resolutions, as it has in the past, and will deal with them as the US has always done.

The nuclear agreement solves one specific problem, he said, adding, “It does not fully resolve the wide range of big issues where we have a big difference.”