Concern Over Int’l Issues

Concern Over Int’l IssuesConcern Over Int’l Issues

In the 70 years after the establishment of the United Nations, many things have changed but not the aspirations of “we, the peoples of the Organization, want to live together in peace with one another,” Iran’s envoy to the UN says. Gholamali Khoshrou, the permanent representative to the world body made the remark in a speech to the General Assembly, IRNA reported.

“The world today is full of perils and hopes,” Khoshrou asserted, adding that on the one hand the ambitious 2030 Development Agenda, a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity which seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom, was finalized and the nuclear accord between Iran and the world major powers was concluded.  On the other, the people of Palestine still live under occupation while many people in our region from Syria to Yemen are living under miserable conditions. On the issue of rule of law at the national and international levels, Gholam Hussein Dehghani ambassador and deputy permanent representative, addressed the assembly on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement and said, “Respect for the rule of law is essential to maintaining international peace and security and achieving socioeconomic development.”  

The rule of law at the national and international levels calls for ensuring greater coordination and coherence among UN entities and with donors and recipients. “The Non-Aligned Movement stresses that the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the principles of international law are paramount to peace and security, economic development and social progress and human rights for all,” Dehghani said, reiterating that the movement condemns any attempt to destabilize the democratic and constitutional order in any NAM member state.