Nuclear Deal Can Open Door to Iran-US Coop.

Nuclear Deal Can Open Door to Iran-US Coop.Nuclear Deal Can Open Door to Iran-US Coop.

A former nuclear negotiator has commented that the success of the talks between Iran and the major powers on a final nuclear deal can help end the enmities between Tehran and Washington and lead to increased cooperation between the two countries to deal with the issue of terrorism.

He also said the support of the US congress can help the talks achieve a settlement to the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program. Hossein Mousavian made the remarks in an article recently published on the website of Al-Monitor.

  Best Chance to End Crisis

He said, "While the two administrations in Tehran and Washington are working hard toward and are determined to reach a mutually agreed, face-saving resolution over the Iranian nuclear standoff, a fraction of the US Congress aims to scuttle a deal that is the best chance to bring Iran’s nuclear crisis to a peaceful end.

"Logic dictates that if a deal between the United States and Iran can be negotiated, most likely the other members that make up the P5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) would not object.

"Conversely, if the United States and Iran do not succeed in overcoming their differences, the current tremendous, unprecedented opportunity to reach a diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear deadlock will be missed."

  Time to Revise Failed Policies

Elsewhere, he said, "The current crisis in the Middle East, which is embroiled in civil wars, sectarian conflicts and the rise of the most dangerous version of terrorism, has created a new geopolitical context for the United States to revisit its three decades of failed policies toward Iran."

He said, "Interestingly, Iran’s nuclear issue, which has become the Gordian knot in US-Iran relations, can, if resolved, be transformed to a springboard for strategic cooperation between the two states for the restoration of security and stability in the region."

In addition, Mousavian said, "To reach the final deal by Nov. 24 (target date), Iran and the (negotiating partners) have already been able to address three key areas of dispute: the future of the Arak heavy water reactor, the future of the Fordo enrichment plant and the issue of more expanded access to Iran’s nuclear-related facilities for International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors."  

In conclusion, he said, "The support of the US congress would be instrumental to the success of Iran’s nuclear negotiations to resolve the remaining disputed cases by Nov. 24, ending decades of animosity between Washington and Tehran and opening doors on an overdue cooperation aimed at combating the rise of terrorists and the emergence of the caliphate of terror (referring to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria)."