Sound Elections Will Promote Harmony

Sound Elections Will Promote HarmonySound Elections Will Promote Harmony

Officials should make efforts to pave the way for a healthy competition in the upcoming parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections to ensure the election of the most qualified candidates and create the right atmosphere for promotion unanimity and harmony among people, an Interior Ministry official says.

Mohammad Hossein Moqimi, head of the election headquarters, made the remarks during a meeting of the Administrative Council of the South Khorasan Province in the eastern city of Birjand on Sunday, IRNA reported.

"Over the past 37 years [since the 1979 Islamic Revolution], one election has been held in Iran every year," Moqimi noted, asserting that under current domestic and regional circumstances, people's high turnout can play a prominent role in shaping the country's future.

"Elections are an effective means and a unique opportunity to create unity among people," the official said.

Attaching great importance to compliance with the Constitution, Moqimi stressed that no campaign can go beyond the law and nobody is allowed to use state budget or facilities for electoral purposes.

  Popular Trust Crucial

The deputy interior minister for political affairs believes that millions of voters will go to the polls provided that election officials win their trust by ensuring them that not only do they themselves abide by regulations but also they never take sides as election campaign proceeds.

The parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections are set for Feb. 26, 2016.

On the performance of the current administration, Moqimi noted, "When the government headed by President Hassan Rouhani started to run the country, the economic growth rate stood at -5.6%, the inflation was 43% and unemployment reached 14%. In other words, the administration had to shoulder intolerable economic burden especially due to low oil prices... Nonetheless, all officials did their best to change the said indexes, more importantly they managed to end the chaotic and alarming state of international relations."

According to Moqimi, Rouhani's administration has been able to fulfill all its election pledges, especially regarding the long-running nuclear issue which is expected to be resolved by the landmark nuclear agreement reached with major powers on July 14, whose result could be an economic boom.

  Security of Paramount Importance

Appreciating efforts by the armed forces to secure the borders, he stated, "Had it not been for such security, no political or economic objectives would have ever been accomplished. Undoubtedly, the secure environment has helped executives to perform their duties more enthusiastically, the result of which has been the decline in inflation to 12% and the rise in economic growth to 3%, yet there is a long way to go."

Highlighting the current economic downturn, he said, "The surest way to address economic issues is to minimize dependence on oil revenues."