Kerry Hopes for Iran Coop. on Regional Issues

Kerry Hopes for Iran Coop. on Regional IssuesKerry Hopes for Iran Coop. on Regional Issues

US Secretary of State John Kerry hopes that the July 14 nuclear accord between Iran and major powers will help clear the way for cooperation between Tehran and Washington on regional issues, including the crises in Syria and Yemen.

"We are hopeful that the nuclear deal with Iran will lead to increased cooperation on the region and other issues so that we will be able to address concerns such as Syria and what is happening in Yemen," the top US diplomat said in an interview with BBC, IRNA reported on Sunday.

He described the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the official title of the pact) as a "historic" and "milestone" agreement which will ensure that Tehran's nuclear program will remain peaceful.

Iran denies the allegation that its nuclear program may have any military aspects, saying the work is totally for peaceful purposes such as generating electricity and medical applications.

Kerry said, "Over the past two and a half years Iran and the United States have showed they can sit together at the negotiating table to resolve complicated issues, and with some effort we will be able to settle other problems."