Croatia Upbeat About Future of Ties

Croatia Upbeat About Future of TiesCroatia Upbeat About Future of Ties

Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko is optimistic about expansion of ties with Iran in the near future, considering vast potential for cooperation.

In a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday, Leko, who was in Tehran at the head of a political delegation, described his negotiations with Iranian officials as constructive.

Although Croatia is a member of the European Union, but it acts independently on relations with "friends" and never ignores them, IRNA reported Leko as saying.

"Croatia considers Iran as a major power with a strong economy, not just in the Middle East but in the world," Leko said. "We are determined to broaden relations, believing this can help promote peace and stability in the region and the world."

Croatia places a high value on Iran's solutions to the crises gripping the Middle East, including conflicts in Iraq and Syria, he said, adding that Iran's potential role in helping overcome such challenges is undeniable.  

Rouhani said Iran as an important country in the Middle East and Croatia as a great country in the Balkans can join hands to "build a bridge" connecting the two regions.

"In addition to economic opportunities, Iran and Croatia have great capacities in scientific and technical fields which can be utilized to the benefit of the two nations," Rouhani said.  

He said after the July nuclear deal between Iran and major powers, developing economic relations has become easier and with increased efforts Tehran-Zagreb ties could be upgraded.

  Contagious Disease    

Pointing to the problems caused by terrorism and violence in the world, Rouhani said the repercussions of the scourge have reached Europe like a "contagious disease", proving that wherever terrorism grows, everyone in the world should be worried about it.

Referring to Iran's significant contribution to the fight against terrorism, Rouhani announced Tehran's readiness to cooperate with other countries to help counter the threat.

Acknowledging Croatia's support for Iran's right to access nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, president said, "Iran refuses to accept dual standards and believes every nation should be able to use science and technology indiscriminately."