Ground Prepared for Smooth Conduct of Elections

Ground Prepared for Smooth Conduct of Elections
Ground Prepared for Smooth Conduct of Elections

A lawmaker says the arrangements have been made to smoothly conduct the Majlis and Assembly of Experts elections and that efforts are underway to replace the traditional paper voting with electronic voting in some cities.  

The parliamentary election for the 10th Islamic Consultative Assembly, or the Majlis, will be held on February 26, 2016 coinciding with the election of the Assembly of Experts. It will be the first time that members of the two bodies are elected simultaneously.

The spokesman for the Majlis Councils and Internal Affairs Commission, Abbas Zarezadeh Mehrizi, said the related bill for simultaneous elections has been prepared, hoping for early approval of the legislation by Parliament, ICANA reported.  

The executive boards of elections have held meetings in which issues related to the simultaneous conduct of elections have been discussed, Zarezadeh said.

He said the Guardian Council will examine the qualifications of candidates for both elections, adding that "on the election day, there will be two separate ballot boxes at polling stations."

On the plan for e-voting in some metropolises, "The lawmaker said, "There are some issues regarding the voting process which are under consideration."

"If the requirements are met and the government is ready, the voting can be held electronically."

"Electronic voting helps reduce costs and the chances of cheating" Zarezadeh said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Hossein Ali Amiri had previously announced that electronic voting was planned to be conducted in nine cities, namely Tehran, Tabriz, Mashhad, Karaj, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, Isfahan and Qom.