Backing for Russian Air Campaign in Syria

Backing for Russian Air Campaign in Syria  Backing for Russian Air Campaign in Syria

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham backed Russia's move to launch airstrikes against militants in Syria as a step toward eliminating terrorism.  

"Waging a real campaign to address the underlying causes of terrorism, which is a common threat to regional and global security is a must," IRNA quoted her as saying in a statement on Thursday.

To curb terrorism, Afkham said, it is necessary to have a strong will and cooperate with the Iraqi and Syrian governments, which play a major role in battling terrorism.  

With regard to the Syrian government's request for help from Russia, Iran believes the Russian military operation can prove effective in solving crises caused by terrorists in the region.

Russia, which started an air campaign against insurgents' positions in Syria on Wednesday, said on Friday it had carried out new rounds of airstrikes in Syria, hitting 12 Islamic State targets.

In another development, in an interview with the Lebanese al-Ahed news agency on Thursday, Afkham said the considerable threat from the spread of terrorism, whose far-reaching consequences have even affected Europe, shows that collective cooperation is essential to solving the crisis, IRNA reported. Common interests of Middle East countries provide a vast potential for cooperation, however, some countries have focused on differences and disagreements which harm the interest of nations, the spokeswoman said.

She said Iran shares the view of some Qatari officials, who have said there is a need for regional dialogue.

"When we avoid dialogue and interaction, opportunities are missed," Afkham said.  

If Middle Eastern countries engage in dialogue and cooperation, they can resolve misunderstandings, weather regional crises and reduce the possibility of foreign intervention, she added.