Cameron: UK Has Demonstrated Goodwill

Cameron: UK Has  Demonstrated GoodwillCameron: UK Has  Demonstrated Goodwill

The British leader says his country has reached out to Iran to demonstrate goodwill.   

"We hope to have been able to show our goodwill with helping finalize the nuclear accord between Iran and major powers, sending our Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to Tehran to reopen the British Embassy [on August 23] and [planning to] send trade delegations," British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani in New York on Monday on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, according to the website of the presidential office.

On the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the official title of the July 14 nuclear pact with major powers including Britain), Rouhani said, "Iran is ready to fulfill its commitments and the other parties are expected to make efforts to help put the plan into effect and develop a mechanism to remove all sanctions, including economic and national ones [referring to US sanctions]."

With respect to Tehran-London relations, Rouhani stressed, "Reopening the two embassies was a good start to create dynamism and promote bilateral relations." Underlining the need to identify the real roots of terrorism and insecurity, Rouhani said, "Even if we succeed in the fight against terrorism in one region, it will immediately emerge from a new region unless it is fully eradicated."

Rouhani expressed surprise that "terrorists can extract and sell oil in Iraq and Syria and receive the proceeds which help them intensify their atrocities, but they never face sanctions that some countries are suffering from," adding that such blatant actions by extremist groups raise doubts whether the countries which claim to be combating terrorism are serious about their campaign.

According to Cameron, the so-called Islamic State militant group is definitely seeking to promote violence and extremism, whose manifestations are now visible on London's street.

  Close Coordination  

In a separate meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in New York on Monday, Rouhani said, "Joint efforts and close coordination between Tehran and Moscow played a pivotal role in the conclusion of the JCPOA."

"The nuclear agreement paved the way for development of ties between the two states in all areas," he noted, reiterating that the world has come to the conclusion that if Middle East disputes, including terrorism, are not addressed appropriately, other regions will be afflicted as well sooner than later.

Expressing gratitude to the Russian government for offering sympathy over the death of Iranian pilgrims in the Thursday crush tragedy in Mecca during the Hajj pilgrimage, Rouhani described Tehran-Moscow cooperation as crucial to security and stability in the region.

Pointing to his possible visit to Tehran to attend the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, Putin expressed hope that the Iran-Russia Joint Cooperation Commission could make the required arrangements for the conclusion of bilateral agreements during the trip.

  Post-Deal Plans

Rouhani also met Chinese President Xi Jinping on the same day, in which the two officials talked about Iran's post-JCPOA plans to expand ties and increase collaboration in various areas including construction of industry and technology parks as well as infrastructure projects.

"Iran and China can strike long-term deals in energy sector; moreover, we are ready to cooperate with China on its Silk Road belt and road initiative as well as other transit projects such as the development of the Port of Chabahar [in southeastern Iran] and the construction of a railroad connecting the port to [northeastern provinces bordering Central Asian countries]," Rouhani said.

Emphasizing the need to curb terrorism and extremism in the Middle East, Rouhani said, "We are witnessing a catastrophic humanitarian tragedy in Yemen these days and China can help address the challenge."

Announcing his intention to visit Iran next year to help give a boost to ties, the Chinese president stressed, "Iran and China share views on many major international and regional issues and Iran has always been a reliable trade partner for China."

"China has always thrown its support behind Iran's peaceful nuclear program and the two countries can cooperate to exploit the enormous potential in other areas such as road construction, railroads and energy" Xi said, adding, "Iran, a highly influential country in the region, can help find a peaceful solution to the Yemen conflict and we are set to back Iran's efforts in this regard."