Binding Anti-Terror Document Proposed

Binding  Anti-Terror Document  ProposedBinding  Anti-Terror Document  Proposed

The international community should consider making the anti-terror campaign a "binding document" so no country can use terrorism as an excuse to further interventionist policies, President Hassan Rouhani said.

"We suggest that the fight against terrorism become an international binding document and law to prevent any country from using terrorism as a tool to meddle in the internal affairs of other nations," Rouhani said.

Addressing the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, the president expressed Iran's readiness to help root out terrorism and lay the groundwork for establishment of democracy in the region.

"As we assisted in bringing democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan, we are ready to help build democracy in Syria and Yemen."  Rouhani also proposed that a "joint plan of action" to combat poverty, corruption and dictatorship be drawn up and a "united front to campaign against extremism and violence" be established.  Economic cooperation can lead to lasting security in the region only if the involved parties recognize their "cultural differences," he was quoted by IRNA as saying.  

"After the nuclear deal Iran is prepared to show that development in the light of economic interaction is the only practical way to promote security and stability."

Iran and major powers completed an accord on July 14 which will give Iran relief from sanctions in exchange for time-bound restrictions on its nuclear program.   

Rouhani said, "Iran is ready to use all its economic and cultural capacities to become a hub for joint investment and exportation and show that it is possible to choose peace based on development and mutual interests, whose result is lasting security, instead of fragile peace based on threats." We hope to develop wide-ranging cooperation with our neighbors in social and economic areas and reach political agreement and promote security collaboration through economic convergence. In today's international system, the interrelation between economies is the most important factor which can facilitate political interaction and reduce security challenges," he added.