Safeguard Political, Cultural Values

Safeguard Political, Cultural Values  Safeguard Political, Cultural Values

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution again warned of a multifaceted plot by hegemonic powers to gain a foothold in Iran, urging officials to remain extremely vigilant.

"The enemy's attempt to make inroads into the country is a dire threat," Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said.

"Economic and security infiltration is, of course, dangerous with dire consequences. But a much greater danger is the enemy's political and cultural infiltration which everyone must be wary of," he said.

Speaking in a meeting with commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in Tehran on Wednesday, the Leader pointed to "the enemy's heavy investment" to expand its cultural influence and "gradually" affect popular beliefs, saying, "Foreigners are seeking to infiltrate into decision making bodies and, in the event of failure, their next target would be our think tanks."

Explaining the word "enemy", he noted, "The enemy is global arrogance, the epitome of which is the United States, [followed by] reactionary regimes and weak-willed people, which act as US elements."

"The enemies of the Islamic Revolution are those who set foot in the region years ago under the slogans such as establishing security, fighting terrorism, building democracy and promoting peace," the Leader said, adding, "But their involvement resulted in insecurity, emergence of terrorism and violence and war."  

They want Iran to abandon its foreign policy principles, Ayatollah Khamenei was quoted by IRNA as saying.

"While they say the Islamic Republic wields great power and influence in the region, they demand we give up our revolutionary ideology to join the international community."

"The two notions contradict each other because our power and influence lie in our revolutionary spirit and performance and abandoning it would weaken us," he argued, stressing that foundations of revolutionary ideology should be strengthened so nothing can undermine them.

Highlighting the role of the IRGC in safeguarding values and principles of the Islamic Revolution, the Leader said, "The intelligence division of the IRGC should closely monitor developments and watch for threats."

"We have not and will never start war. However, given the threats facing the Islamic Revolution, it is a necessity that the IRGC maintain constant vigilance and preparedness to confront such threats," he added.