President: Need to Build Sanction-Proof Economy

President: Need to Build Sanction-Proof Economy President: Need to Build Sanction-Proof Economy

Unemployment is the most serious threat to the country as it breeds moral corruption and addiction among the youth and weakens the foundation of families, the president warned on Tuesday.

President Hassan Rouhani made the remark addressing a meeting of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps commanders in Tehran on Tuesday, Fars News Agency reported.

"It is impossible to create jobs for the young people unless our economy booms and small businesses start to flourish."

According to the president, Iran's economy should thrive in such a way that world powers dare to neither impose sanctions on nor show hostility toward the nation, the point where the Islamic Republic will be invulnerable economically.

Appreciating the IRGC as well as the affiliated Basij volunteer forces as two strong economic arms, he called for their close and creative collaboration with the government in boosting production and reconstruction.

Referring to the establishment of the “economy of resistance” headquarters under his administration, Rouhani said, “The policy proposed by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei will definitely help us counter sanctions, promote domestic growth and reduce consumption; however, we expect all organizations including the armed forces to play an active role in aiding economic development.”

  More Serious Threats

Rouhani believes that mass unemployment, high inflation, economic recession and fading morality and faith can jeopardize the society much more than terrorists and plots by the US and its allies.

The president emphasized the need for greater unity and cohesion under the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei to be able to defend Iran’s territorial integrity and preserve the Islamic Revolution’s achievements.

“Not only the armed forces but also the Supreme National Security Council and lawmakers have a duty to protect national sovereignty and integrity,” he stressed, reiterating that synergy is the direct consequence of togetherness and those who separate themselves from the government could undermine the integrity of the nation which is under economic pressure.

Highlighting Iran’s political independence, Rouhani said, “Long gone are the days when superpowers could impose their key decisions on us; nevertheless, regarding economic and scientific issues, we are still lagging behind them and further steps need to be taken to bridge the gap.”

“It is true that we did not accept to abide by the sanctions; however, other states including some so-called friendly countries, approved of them and refused to violate unfair banking and trade sanctions,” the president noted, adding that it is time to stop paying lip service and move to show the country as a potential economic power which is able to defend its people’s rights vigorously.

“Although termination of sanctions in the short term seemed to be impossible in the beginning, we managed to accomplish the objective thanks to the Leader’s [guidelines] as well as the armed forces’ bravery,” he said, noting that nothing beats integrity when it comes to addressing domestic challenges.

The president said “enemies” will not cease their hostilities toward Iran as they want the country to disintegrate, a dream which will never come true under any circumstances.

Denouncing terrorism, Rouhani called for promotion of unity among Shias and Sunnis as their division will bear no fruit but paving the way for extremist groups to brutally massacre Muslims in the name of “jihad”.