Anti-Terror Front

Anti-Terror FrontAnti-Terror Front

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed Iran’s readiness to help create a “joint regional front” against extremism and terrorism.

In a meeting with visiting Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri on Saturday, Zarif hoped Middle East countries will be able to solve their problems by engaging in dialogue. Zarif stressed the need for full involvement of Iraqi groups and factions in efforts to build the future of Iraq, adding that the Arab country should soon restore its role as an “influential” player in the region. “We will always stand by Iraq [to help tackle] its domestic issues…, especially in the fight against violence and extremism,” Zarif said.  

The top diplomat said he is optimistic that the reform process in Iraq to address corruption will yield the desired outcome, taking advantage of consultations and cooperation among various groups and legal institutions. Jabouri praised Iran’s efforts to help stabilize the region, expressing gratitude for Tehran’s support for the Iraqi people in hard times and asking for increased backing in the face of problems such as extremism.