European Leaders Defend Nuclear Pact

European Leaders Defend Nuclear Pact European Leaders Defend Nuclear Pact

The leaders of Britain, France and Germany on Thursday defended the deal reached between Iran and major powers in July while it is currently the subject of heated debate in the US Congress between its supporters and opponents who are pushing to advance a resolution of disapproval to block it.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel argued in an article published in the Washington Post that the pact has provided considerable scope for demonstrating the efficiency of diplomacy in dealing with international disputes.   

"The US Congress is voting this week on whether to support the agreement," the European leaders said. "This is an important moment. It is a crucial opportunity at a time of heightened global uncertainty to show what diplomacy can achieve."

Despite the fact that Republicans control both chambers of the US legislature, President Barack Obama has secured enough backing to uphold a veto over any push to kill the accord. Under a law Obama signed in May, Congress has until Sept. 17 to try to pass the resolution rejecting the deal.

"We are confident that the agreement provides the foundation for resolving the conflict on Iran's nuclear program permanently," the three said.

"This is why we now want to embark on the full implementation of the (deal) once all national procedures are complete."