Iraq Seeks Closer Anti-Terror Coop.

Iraq Seeks Closer Anti-Terror Coop.Iraq Seeks Closer Anti-Terror Coop.

Shortly before departing for Tehran, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Jabouri said he will discuss ways of increasing cooperation in the fight against terrorism and seek support for "a national reconciliation" in Iraq.

"Iran and Iraq are friendly countries and our relations are of high significance mainly due to our shared interests," Jabouri said in an interview with IRNA on Friday.

The senior Iraqi lawmaker noted that it is a high priority both for Tehran and Baghdad to contribute to efforts aimed at promoting understanding among regional countries to help address the problems facing the Middle East.     

Jabouri underlined the two neighbors' key role in the anti-terror campaign, stressing, "In view of our political, geographical and historical position in the region, we can help restore lasting peace and stability and create new opportunities for collaboration among all [countries in the region]."

Referring to the potential for parliamentary cooperation, Jabouri said development of bilateral ties, especially between the legislatures, is among the issues which will come up for discussion in Tehran. "The two parliaments have had a [long] record of exchanging views and having cooperation and now we have established two parliamentary friendship groups."

The Iraqi official noted that the parliaments are in the process of passing a wide range of laws to pave the way for mutual collaboration in the fields of economy and security.

Commenting on the sharp drop in oil prices, he said both countries are faced with similar economic threats, adding that consultations on the challenge could help find ways to deal with the problem.  

Jabouri was due in Iran on Friday for his second official trip since he took office in July 2014.

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani visited Iraq in December 2014.