Unified Decision on JCPOA Expedient

Unified Decision on JCPOA Expedient Unified Decision on JCPOA Expedient

A single decision on the recent nuclear deal with major powers will be in the national interest, a member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said in reference to the review of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the accord is formally known, by the Majlis and the Supreme National Security Council.

"If the Majlis and the SNSC reach the same conclusion, the best interest of the country will be served since the nuclear talks were a national concern and their success was only achieved by building a consensus." Hossein Sobhaninia told ICANA on Wednesday.  

The lawmaker noted that a conflicting outcome could harm the country, while adopting a single stance will strengthen Tehran's position as it seeks its rights in the international arena.    

He said the two bodies may not come to the same conclusion as they follow differing procedures to make decisions.

On the parliamentary scrutiny, Sobhaninia said the special commission on the accord will present its assessment to the Majlis floor, where the final verdict will be issued.

He predicted that the commission will not reject any specific provision, but outline some points for consideration with regard to the implementation of the pact.