Private Sectors Key to Boosting Relations

Private Sectors Key  to Boosting RelationsPrivate Sectors Key  to Boosting Relations

Iran and the Czech Republic need to take measures to create favorable conditions under which their private sectors can cooperate to meet mutual interests, said President Hassan Rouhani on Monday in a meeting with visiting Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek.

Underscoring the relationship between the two states, Rouhani stated, "The current untapped capacities in tourism and scientific and economic areas can be exploited with the contribution of private enterprises."

According to Rouhani, Iran has achieved a breakthrough in information technology and communications, biotechnology and nanotechnology and there are lots of high-tech companies which are willing to share their know-how with Czech firms, IRNA reported.

Pointing to the historical and natural tourist attractions in both countries, Rouhani reiterated that such potential can pave the way for cultural exchanges between the two sides.

On the scourge of terrorism which has taken on international dimensions, the president said, "Interfering in other countries' domestic affairs and considering terrorism as a means for attaining goals are the two dangers the consequences of which will engulf the whole world," noting that discrimination, injustice, ethnic devaluation and deprivation are among the most important reasons behind adolescents tending to join extremist groups.

Terrorist group's heinous crimes are meant to create menace to impose their views on people, Rouhani said, stressing that terrorism cannot be eradicated unless all states in the world come to the conclusion that extremism is not a proper venue to advance objectives and the tragic death of a Syrian civilian should cause as much grief as the demise of a western citizen.

"In spite of grappling with economic problems, Iran, a key player in the region, has practical experience in hosting millions of asylum seekers," he said, announcing that the Iranian government has provided 400,000 seats for Afghan refugees' children so that they can continue their education.

The president also noted that regional conflicts will spread fast and the aftermath will be felt across the globe.