Saudi Comment Denounced

Saudi Comment DenouncedSaudi Comment Denounced

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Marzieh Afkham denounced recent remarks by the Saudi foreign minister against Iran and called on "neighboring countries" to abandon the policies that could fan the flames of tension across the Middle East.

Despite Tehran's recent diplomatic push to promote friendly ties with Persian Gulf Arab states, the top Saudi diplomat made anti-Iran allegations during a press conference on Friday.

After a meeting between US President Barak Obama and Saudi King Salman in Washington, Adel Al-Jubeir said Riyadh is satisfied with Obama's assurances that the recent nuclear agreement between Iran and major powers ensures Tehran's nuclear program will remain peaceful, adding that now is the time to focus more intensely on Iran's "nefarious activities" in the region.    

Tehran denies its nuclear activities may have any military aspects. Afkham demanded some unnamed countries in the region stop supporting terrorism and extremism, a policy which has resulted in the death of innocent Yemeni citizens and given rise to the huge influx of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, IRNA reported on Saturday.

The Foreign Ministry official noted that the adoption of a logical approach is crucial to restoring peace and security to the region. "Insistence on false and baseless allegations will lead to missed opportunities to resolve the issues and hinder the process of settling the ongoing crises."

In addition, she said expansion of ties with neighbors is a top foreign policy priority and Tehran is always ready to hold talks and improve collaboration. "Our policy of deepening friendly ties with neighboring countries has no limits."  

Afkham stressed that Iran seeks political solutions to regional problems and is opposed to military action or exerting pressure on countries.