Rouhani Receives New Envoys

Rouhani Receives New EnvoysRouhani Receives New Envoys

President Hassan Rouhani received credentials of new ambassadors of Iraq, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Benin and Brunei in Tehran on Sunday, the president’s official website reported.  

In the meeting with Iraqi Ambassador Rajeh Saber Abboud al-Mousavi, Rouhani stressed the necessity of maintaining friendly ties with the “neighboring” and “brotherly” country, Iraq.   The president expressed hope that lasting peace and security would be restored to Iraq, saying, “Peace and stability of Iraq is intertwined with those of Iran.” Rouhani called for improved ties in economic, politic and cultural domains.  In a separate meeting with Hungary’s ambassador to Iran, Yanosh Kwach, Rouhani referred to the existing potential in Tehran-Budapest relations that could be fully exploited.  He expressed hope that during his tenure the two sides would experience expansion of ties in economic, trade, tourism and cultural fields. Rouhani voiced deep concern over the intensification of migrant crisis across European borders, triggered by refugees fleeing conflicts engulfing the Middle East and North Africa.  Referring to some European countries’ great contributions to the wellbeing of refugees, Rouhani urged other states to contribute their share to efforts to help address the refugee crisis. Kwach described Iran as the pillar of peace and security in the region and pointed to Budapest’s wide-ranging plans to increase collaboration with the country.