Impartiality Will Encourage High Voter Turnout

Impartiality Will Encourage High Voter Turnout  Impartiality Will Encourage High Voter Turnout

A fair and impartial election and the integrity of the voting system will increase the people's participation in elections, the deputy interior minister for political affairs said on Wednesday.  

The next Majlis poll is scheduled to take place on Feb. 26, 2016, concurrently with the Assembly of Experts election.   

"If people have confidence in the impartiality of the electoral system and are assured that their votes will make a difference…, they will participate more enthusiastically."

Mohammad Hossein Moqimi made the remarks in a meeting of the administrative council of Kurdestan Province, ISNA reported.  

He referred to the upcoming elections and stressed that the government aims to hold peaceful and sound elections in a glorious manner ensuring a high turnout.  

He called on officials and executive bodies to try and lay the groundwork for a widespread participation in the elections to help display the people's "strength" and "solidarity".

Moqimi also said "the administration of prudence and hope" has greatly contributed to the progress and development in all domains, especially foreign relations. "By the victory in the nuclear talks [which culminated in a landmark deal in July], the world witnessed Iran's power of diplomacy, and we consolidated our position in the world."

He pointed to the government's achievements in other areas, including politics, economy, health and security. "As opposed to widespread war and insecurity in the Middle East, peace and security prevail in our country."

The Interior Ministry official praised the economic growth achieved under the government of President Hassan Rouhani, noting that when the current administration took office in 2013, "inflation was 43%, but after two years it fell to as low as 15%."