Speaker, World Lawmakers Confer in NY

Speaker, World Lawmakers Confer in NY
Speaker, World Lawmakers Confer in NY

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani met senior European, Asian and regional lawmakers on the sidelines of the Fourth World Conference of Parliament Speakers, which closed in New York on Tuesday.  

In the meeting with Speaker of the House of Lords of the UK Parliament Baroness D’Souza, the British official called for technological cooperation with Iran.

“I hope that the reopening of the British Embassy in Tehran will help resolve tensions in bilateral relations,” she said, noting that London is keen to expand parliamentary relations, especially on joint research.    

Larijani said Iran is ready to share scientific achievements, adding, “The Iranian market along with huge oil and gas resources has provided a good opportunity for foreign investment in the country.”     

The top lawmaker also met with senior member of the French National Assembly Laurence Dumont, who described the recent nuclear accord between Iran and major powers as “an opportunity to enhance relations between Iran and the EU”.

Dumont called for efforts to give a boost to parliamentary relations, noting that such a move could pave the way for the private sectors of both countries to increase cooperation.   

  Syria Crisis

In the meeting with Speaker of the People’s Council of Syria Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, Larijani reiterated the call for a political solution to the Syria crisis and said, “Iran is committed to maintaining its support for the Syrian government and people until the stage is set for holding peace talks.”

The top Syrian lawmaker hailed Iran’s solid backing for the war-ravaged country and said, “The axis of resistance will undoubtedly prevail, as it is based on moral values.”   

Laham criticized parliament speakers for solely focusing on economic development and failing to pay due attention to the issue of terrorism in their speeches at the conference.

In a separate meeting, Oman’s Parliament Speaker Sheikh Khalid bin Hilal al-Mawali said political relations with Tehran are currently “at the highest level,” a fact which facilitates enhanced economic ties between the two countries.

Touching on regional crises, Mawali said, “Military solutions have so far produced no results but displacement and destruction of infrastructure.”

He urged negotiations among the warring sides engaged in conflicts with a view to promoting the interests of the people.

Larijani described as “positive” Oman’s contribution to efforts to settle conflicts in troubled regional countries, especially Syria and Yemen, saying, “The Syrian issue will be solved by the will of its people and through democratic means.”

  Prisoners in Malaysia

In talks with the speaker of the lower house of the Malaysian Parliament, the two sides called for improved political and economic ties.

Larijani and Pandikar Amin Mulia also discussed the release and repatriation of Iranian prisoners in the Southeast Asian country.

According to the Malaysian media, 64 of the Iranians imprisoned in Malaysian jails have received death sentences.