Tough Deal Critic in Israel

Tough Deal Critic in IsraelTough Deal Critic in Israel

US Senator Tom Cotton, one of the loudest voices against the nuclear deal with Iran, arrives in Israel today for a week-long visit that can be assumed is aimed at arming him with more ammunition to try to shoot down the accord in the senate, the Jewish Press reported.

During his trip to Israel, the senator will be updated on “strategic and diplomatic issues,” as well as other major developments in the region, the Israeli government said.

Updating him on “strategic and diplomatic issues” just before the US Congress returns from a summer recess with the Iran deal the number one item on the agenda means that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will send Cotton back with a suitcase full of arguments to try to win a veto-proof majority against the pact when it comes for a vote.

Cotton was behind the controversial letter that he and several senators sent to Iran to “inform” it that a nuclear deal would not be binding on the next president.