Protecting Airspace

Protecting AirspaceProtecting Airspace

A military commander says air defense forces will deal firmly with any unmanned aerial vehicles violating Iranian airspace.       

Colonel Farzad Fereidouni, commander of the air defense unit of the western province of Kermanshah, told Mehr News Agency on Saturday Iran monitors all the drones in the region and will target any intruding drones.  

Fereidouni was reacting to a report by IRNA earlier in the day quoting him that Iran had “a while ago” shot down an intruding drone in Kermanshah.

Speaking to Mehr, he said the drone had in fact been downed last Iranian year (ended March 20). “The military base provided the necessary information in this regard at the time.”

The shooting down of intruding drones in the past years shows “the precise monitoring and timely tactical measures by air defense forces,” he added.