No Better Accord

No Better AccordNo Better Accord

US Rep. Rick Nolan is supporting the nuclear deal reached between Iran and major powers on July 14. Confirming his position to the Star Tribune over the weekend, Nolan said he has spent “countless hours” in classified briefings and poring over documents in reaching his decision. “I have concluded that this agreement will reduce Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon,” he said.  Tehran denies the charge it may be seeking to develop a nuclear weapons capability, saying its program is only for peaceful purposes.  The lawmaker said, “I’ve talked with a number of people … what is the likely outcome of failure, what is the likely response from Iran. I’m convinced the consequences are severe and dramatic. I’m convinced there is not a better deal.”  The US Congress will vote whether to reject the deal next month. Members are away from Washington this month for Congressional recess.