NAM Tells UN to Grant Full Membership to Palestine

NAM Tells UN to Grant Full Membership to Palestine
NAM Tells UN to Grant Full Membership to Palestine

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has demanded that the United Nations give full state recognition to Palestine.

Speaking on behalf of NAM, the head of Iran's mission to the United Nations said the bloc "supports the rights of the Palestinian nation" and urges the world's countries "to ensure restoration of the rights of the Palestinian nation in the international community," IRNA reported.  

Iran is the current president of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Hossein Dehqani made the remarks addressing the meeting of the legal committee of the UN General Assembly.  

The envoy said, "NAM strongly believes no country or group has the right to deprive other nations of their legal and legitimate rights for their own political interests."

Palestinian officials have been seeking to gain full state recognition at the United Nations for a long time.

Tel Aviv and Washington have been attempting to stonewall that bid claiming it would undermine the so-called peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

In 2012, the UN General Assembly voted to upgrade the status of the Palestinians to that of a "non-member observer state".

The resolution on the status of Palestine in the UN was adopted by a vote of 138 in a 193-member assembly.

An earlier bid to join the international body as a full member state in 2011 had failed because of a lack of support in the UN Security Council.  

Elsewhere, Dehqani highlighted the importance of the issue of the rule of law for NAM member states, stressing that it is essential for maintaining international peace and security and materialization of social development.

The diplomat also voiced NAM member states' concern over unilateral actions and their negative impacts on the rule of law in international relations.

Established in 1961 the Non-Aligned Movement is a group of states which are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. As of 2012, the movement has 120 members and 17 observer countries.

****Unified Approach Against Terrorism

Iran has urged the international community to take a "unified approach" toward the issue of terrorism as opposed to a selective one.

Hossein Gharibi, a member of Iran’s UN mission, said "State terrorism continues to endanger peace, security, and basic human rights of people" adding, "Iran is still suffering from terrorist attacks in different forms, including state terrorism," the Fars news agency reported.

He made the remarks in an address to the meeting of the UN General Assembly's 6th committee on measures to eliminate international terrorism.  

Referring to President Hassan Rouhani's speech at the 69th session of UN General Assembly last month in New York, in which he warned of the gravity and danger of terrorism and extremism in the region, the diplomat said combating terrorism "requires firm resolve of all nations and an understanding of the root causes of that."

He also condemned as "politically motivated" attempts being made by some groups to portray Iran as country which sponsors terrorism.