Obama Has Good Chance on Deal

 Obama Has Good Chance on Deal Obama Has Good Chance on Deal

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday he hoped Congress could override a veto of a resolution that disapproves of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with the Iranians, but he acknowledged the president still had “a great likelihood of success.” In remarks to the Scott County Chamber of Commerce, McConnell said he hoped “to have a respectful, uplifting debate” when the Senate returns to vote on the resolution, according to  But McConnell, who repeatedly has called the deal “flawed”, said Democrats could sustain a veto of the resolution Republicans will offer when they return to work in September “by getting one-third plus one.” Talking to reporters after the event, McConnell was asked whether he was resigned to the idea that Obama was likely to have enough Democratic support to sustain the veto and go ahead with the deal. “I hope not, but what I’m pretty confident of is sustaining the veto will be an entirely Democratic exercise,” McConnell said.