Ankara's Proposal on Syria Criticized

Ankara's Proposal on Syria Criticized Ankara's Proposal on Syria Criticized

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has criticized Turkey’s proposal for the establishment of a protected buffer zone inside Syrian territory for refugees.  

Larijani said, “It is not that simple whenever a coalition decides, it establishes a buffer zone inside a country; that approach would lead to chaos,” IRNA reported.

“It is necessary that the regional countries act responsibly” to save the besieged Syrian Kurdish border town of Kobane from the advance of the Islamic State terror group, Larijani said.  

He stressed that Iran will do its utmost to help the besieged people of Kobani against terrorists.   

Kobane has been under siege for several weeks now and is about to fall to IS fighters. Following an international outcry, the US conducted a series of air strikes to hold back terrorists’ march in that city.

Turkey, which is a NATO member, has ruled out a ground operation on its own into Syria to save the city from IS terrorists.

While the Turkish government has repeatedly closed its border to tens of thousands of more Kobane refugees, its border guards and army troops do not allow Kurdish fighters to cross the border into Syria and join the fight against IS terrorists.

Ankara fears that a direct military intervention and IS retreat would benefit the Syrian government and give it the upper hand to squeeze out the rebels. That is why it has proposed the establishment of a no-fly zone and a buffer zone within the Syrian territory across the border.