Trump Says Will Not Rip Up Deal

Trump Says Will Not Rip Up DealTrump Says Will Not Rip Up Deal

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said it would be hard to “rip up” the agreement with Iran on its nuclear program, but that if he was elected president he would “police” the contract toughly.

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, the real estate mogul described the team that negotiated the agreement, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, as “incompetent”, Reuters reported.

Nevertheless, it would be “very tough” to rip up the deal, he said, as some critics have called for. But “I’m really good at looking at a contract,” Trump said, and “as bad as the contract is, I will be so tough on that contract.”

The agreement reached between Iran and world powers on July 14 would give Iran relief from economic sanctions in return for temporary limits on its nuclear program.