US Should Change Policy

US Should Change PolicyUS Should Change Policy

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham censured US President Barack Obama for his recent remarks on Iran's policy toward the US and Israel, nothing that the thing that needs to change is Washington's policy on independent countries.   

Afkham said the US president has overlooked the "genuine trends" and realities of the Iranian society over the past four decades, IRNA reported.

"Iran's power and position does not only originate from its ancient civilization and Islamic culture, but from its roots in the resistance of the nation against hegemony and threats and the country's principled support of oppressed nations."

Obama said earlier this week that Iran's policies against the US and Israel have made the country "a pariah in the eyes of a large part of the world."

He also said, "Iran would just by virtue of its size, talent, resources, immediately rise in its influence and its power in the eyes of the world" if it changes its policies against the US and Israel.

Rejecting Obama's claim that Iran is a "pariah" in the world, she said, "In our eyes, and in the eyes of many other nations, the Zionist regime and its supporters have been isolated from the international community."

The Foreign Ministry official said it is a long time that the US has distanced itself from the true interest of its people by provoking war, instability and insecurity in the Middle East.

Afkham said Washington's "unwavering support" for Israel, as a regime which has violated Palestinians' rights and committed war crimes such as the killing of defenseless children, had diminished the credibility and power of the United States.