Arabs Urged to Reach Out To Tehran

Arabs Urged to Reach Out To TehranArabs Urged to Reach Out To Tehran

The president of Lebanon's Democratic Party called on the Arab world to seize the opportunity created by the recent nuclear deal between Iran and world powers to reach out to Tehran with a view to addressing regional problems.   

Talal Arslan, who is also a member of the Lebanese Parliament, made the remark in a meeting with Ambassador in Beirut Mohammad Fathali, IRNA reported on Saturday.   

He said the nuclear agreement with the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) is not only a victory for Iran, but for the whole region and Tehran's allies, adding that the breakthrough agreement could positively affect the Muslim world.  

The lawmaker said Arab countries need to engage with the Islamic Republic as a country that proved its strength in the course of nuclear negotiations with world powers.

In a separate meeting, the envoy met with former Lebanese president Michel Suleiman, in which the two sides discussed the latest developments in Lebanon and the wider Middle East.  

The Lebanese politician emphasized that based on its principles Iran has never pursued nuclear weapons. Pointing to the ongoing crises in his country and the region, Suleiman hoped the nuclear accord would pave the way for increased efforts to help overcome regional challenges.

The ambassador said the deal was the result of the Iranian people's resistance against the excessive demands of world powers.

Fathali referred to the threat posed by terrorists and Zionists to the region, lamenting that they create crisis and destroy infrastructures in regional countries. "We believe Takfiri terrorism has its roots in Zionist terrorism," he noted. A Takfiri is a Muslim who accuses followers of other Islamic sects of heresy.