Erdogan Calls for Anti-Terror Collaboration

Erdogan Calls for Anti-Terror CollaborationErdogan Calls for Anti-Terror Collaboration

The Turkish president underlined the need to bring an end to regional instability, insecurity and conflicts, calling for joint measures with Iran to counter terrorism and extremism.  

Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the call in a telephone conversation with President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday, in which the two sides discussed regional issues, IRNA reported.  

"Islamic State terrorists constitute a fraction of al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups, whose continued activities are dangerous for the Muslim world," he noted.

The Iranian president referred to terrorism and extremism as two major problems in the Middle East and said, "Iran and Turkey should work together to find a solution to root out the scourges."

Describing measures by terrorists in Iraq and Syria as "worrying", Rouhani said the insecurity in the region undoubtedly has adverse effects on regional states.    

Rouhani said Tehran and Ankara have always backed each other in difficult times, urging closer collaboration to be able to deal with the current challenges.

  Defending the Oppressed

In a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in Tehran on Wednesday, Rouhani said fighting terrorism means supporting "the oppressed nations of the region," which is part of the Islamic Republic's "unchanging principle" to help promote regional stability and security.  

Hailing the resistance offered by the Syrian people against terrorism, he cited the interference by some states and the dispatch of terrorists to Syria as the main reasons behind the continuation of the crisis gripping the Arab country.  

"The future of any country depends on the vote of its people," he said, calling on world powers to stop interfering in Syria's internal affairs so that the nation will be able to resolve its problems.  

Rouhani reiterated the need for a political solution to the Syrian conflict rather than a military approach, saying Iran will make every effort to help find a way to help overcome the problems facing the war-ravaged country.

Muallem briefed Rouhani on the latest field developments in his country and appreciated Iran's support for the Syrian people and government. "The situation has now improved in Syria and the plotters are getting disappointed."

The Syrian diplomat congratulated Iran on its recent nuclear agreement with world powers and said the deal will undoubtedly have a positive impact on regional developments.