Nuclear Talks Will Augment Economic Agenda

Nuclear Talks Will Augment Economic  Agenda Nuclear Talks Will Augment Economic  Agenda

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran entered nuclear negotiations with the West, resulting in a breakthrough deal on Tehran's nuclear program last month, mainly to create an environment "conducive" to doing business.   

"Some think we went to the negotiating table solely for the sake of our foreign policy to improve interaction with other countries," Rouhani was quoted by IRNA as saying.


"But it was not the only reason. Our main aim was to create a favorable environment for production and employment" to address the government's major concern, namely youth unemployment.

He made the remarks in a public address in Islamshahr, in southern Tehran Province on Thursday.

The president called on the people to seize the opportunity arising from the 14 July nuclear agreement to join hands to help boost the economy.

Pointing to the fierce opposition to the accord from Israel and its US allies, which are working hard to sink the deal, he said, "Since the agreement was announced, the usurping Israeli regime has been screaming in fear."

"Today, everyone in the region, including nations and the Iranian people, is pleased with the pact, except the Zionists and US warmongers."

Rouhani highlighted the support of the people for the negotiating team throughout the talks with the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany), saying, "Any achievement we have had so far was possible thanks to your presence, participation, harmony, resistance and perseverance."

Referring to the UN resolution issued after the agreement to endorse it and terminate all previous sanctions resolutions adopted by the world body against Iran, he said, the same authority that asserted "falsely" and "illegitimately" that Iran must be deprived of nuclear technology has now recognized Tehran's peaceful nuclear program.