Steadfast Nation

Steadfast Nation  Steadfast Nation

Iran’s “steadfastness” in its strong defense of its nuclear rights was the key to concluding the nuclear deal with major powers, Foreign Ministry political director Hamid Baeidinejad told ISNA in an interview published on Sunday.

The nuclear negotiator said, “They (major powers) spared no effort, even making military threats, to exert pressure on Iran; and in numerous resolutions, especially (United Nations Security Council) Resolution 1929, imposed every possible restriction against Iran.

“The main factor which helped reach a conclusion after 12 years of negotiations was Iran’s steadfastness, on the one hand, and the failure of the policy of pressure, threats and sanctions, which led them to reach the definitive conclusion that maintaining the status quo was not possible any longer and resign themselves to reaching a compromise that guarantees Iran’s nuclear rights.”