West Urged to Seize Opportunity for Enhanced Ties

West Urged to Seize Opportunity for Enhanced Ties West Urged to Seize Opportunity for Enhanced Ties

A member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission says western countries should grab the opportunity created by the recent deal between Iran and world powers over Tehran's nuclear activity by approaching the Iranian market.   

Abbasali Mansouri Arani said the Islamic Republic enjoys "stability", which is the main criteria for ensuring the low risk of investment, ISNA reported on Sunday.

Calling on related authorities to adopt a clear policy to attract foreign investment, he said the same way an effective strategy was followed during the nuclear negotiations, there is a need to employ a sound strategy in the critical period of the post-sanctions era to monitor international markets with a view to striking a balance and preventing chaos in domestic markets.

The legislator called for a balance between imports and exports in a way that national interests are met, noting that the details of economic and commercial agreements with foreign countries need to be thoroughly examined before they can be approved and implemented.  

"Many European countries are conducting studies before they invest in the Iranian market," he said, adding that the three European countries that were engaged in the negotiations on a final nuclear deal, namely France, Germany and the United Kingdom, have already taken practical steps to return to Iran's market.